Summer Getting Better With Our Newest Swimsuit

Eshvi’s Sea Animal Swimsuit isn’t just for swimming, you can wear them all summer long and match it with your chic outfits. We bring color and inspiration of the turquoise sea to swim with the most perfect accessories that fit along. The printed bag is ideal for packing sunscreen and sunglasses – summer’s most needed necessities.

Whether you are wearing denim shorts and a blazer, or a colorful whirling skirt, the Sea Animal Swimsuit is an effortlessly natural decision. To make the most out of your outfit, find our Pearl Sea Animal Necklace or anything else from the collection.

There is something we all must agree on, the bigger the beach bag the better for its owner. But it get’s even better with our Sea Animal Printed Bag – it’s big enough, but also comfortably foldable. With lightweight fabrics, this is the kind of bag that will solve all your problems.

Our inspiration comes from the clear turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea and as the mastermind’s behind the Eshvi team took a deep dive, they decided to miniaturize the most lovable sea creatures into print. The mini crabs come in harmony with three different colors – turquoise, red and white.

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