Eshvi is for you.

For you who dare. For you who can’t hold back. For you who like to be edgy. Don’t be afraid to express yourself – or to experiment with your look. Because Eshvi isn’t just jewellery. It’s a movement of colours, shapes, emotions and personality. Just like you. So: Express yourself. Beautify yourself. Don’t get pinned down. Experience and explore. Create your own rules. Join the Eshvi movement and reflect happiness in yourself.


 The happiness in you

The essence of Eshvi is ‘the happiness in you’. And that’s also literally what Eshvi means in the country of Georgia, where the founders of Eshvi – Natia Chkhartishvili & Tamar Svanidze – were born. To experience happiness by expressing and embellishing yourself. With that in mind, we create each Eshvi collection and each Eshvi item based on happiness. Happiness that starts with a mood inside. That spreads. And which you express in a completely unique way when you wear the jewellery.

Growing happiness

Our process from idea to jewellery is creative and physical. It creates and brings happiness. To us. To you. To all.

Imagine impulsivity, fragments of thoughts, the desire to create, the urge to be creative. Imagine creative heads and busy hands. In London. In Georgia. All over the world. Then you have the universe that creates and develops Eshvi. And you’re a part.

A variety of combinations

All our collections start with an impulse. An impression. This morphs into a thought. And then grows through brainstorming, storytelling, exchange of ideas, exploration and drawings to develop into forms and variations of all the items of the collection in our workshops.

Our jewellery is brought into play, comes into its own and is expressed through a variety of combinations worldwide. Through you. Through your emotions. Through your creativity.


The Eshvi woman doesn’t exist!

There isn’t one typical woman for Eshvi jewellery. There are a lot of women. And there are at least as many possibilities and combinations. We don’t create our items with reference to one particular person, one particular style or a certain type. The right person to wear Eshvi items is:

The person who sees –  the person who captivates – the person who dares.

 We do not pigeonhole

We encourage breaking down of boundaries. Doing something different. Exploring, probing the limits and experimenting. So if we said that Eshvi was only created for a certain kind of woman, we’d surely be accused of having double standards…