Marvellous Drops that make fall a lot more stylish

The Drop Earrings are arguably one of Eshvi’s most iconic jewels of all time, adding a touch of sophistication to your casual fall look. With a mesmerizing color palette, there’s plenty to choose from. Oh, and it also comes with its smaller version of Mini Drops.
There’s a lot to talk about the marvelous drops that make fall a lot more stylish and enchanting. With new colors in mind, there’s much more to shop.
From marvelous pearls to golden chains – this season promises elegant and feminine features to your collection of Eshvi Jewelry. Color is the new trend of the day – it won’t only brighten your look, but also get all eyes to your face. We see a pop of neon on our favorite Drop Earrings, that surely does the trick. They’re perfect for elevating a casual outfit, as well as effortlessly complementing an evening get-up and embodying the Eshvi spirit. It also comes with its smaller version and has various colours to rock.
Our designers played with geometric shapes for this fall taking our jewelry line to a new place. The Stone Shaped Large Pendant Necklace are the conversation starters that are super fun to wear and have their place in the minimalistic world.