Hear No Evil Necklace

SKU: 001155


Eshvi’s wise monkey which is covering the ears is known as Kikazaru in Japan that symbolizes “hearing no evil.” This monkey acts as a protection from hearing all the evil and negative words and messages about yourself. You can make the turquoise monkey accessory a part of different fashionchoices, but also carry it as principle of surrounding yourself with positive words and avoiding listening to evil.

You can keep your Eshvi jewellery looking beautiful for years by following a few simple instructions on jewellery care detailed below:

  • Remove jewellery when showering or swimming. 
  • Avoid wearing jewellery when doing physical work.
  • Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products.
  • Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray on the gemstones or pearls.
  • Remove jewellery when applying make-up.
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Wash your jewelry in warm water and a mild liquid soap.

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