Shamick Edmond Leigh

Posted on April 16, 2013

Hi guys. Yesterday I attended the Exposure press day which was amazing. One of my favorite press days if I must say. Upon arrival we were greeted with a range of hot drinks. Coke in the classic glass bottle and an assortment of popcorn. The chocolate coated one was amazing.

The new season collections were very nice. It all seemed quite dark if i must say but it's only right with the trend of Monochrome this spring/ summer.Dr Marten have rocketed into a new field. I love what they're doing with their new collection. They're experimenting with different styles and variations of materials. I fell in love with the leather and pony hair pair.

It was also nice to see a new jewellery brand named Eshvi. The owners of the company were really lovely and it was amazing to hear that the brand was only 8 months old and were already doing so well. It's high end costume jewellery in bone shapes. They also had a variety of styles based around colours, themes and materials. which i hadn't really seen at all. They gave me a nice gift bag with a bracelet, chocolate and had yummy macaroons.

Exposure look after Levi's and I was fascinated at the new collection Levi's had to offer. Levi's are focusing a lot on the fit of their jeans which i think is brilliant. They test a lot of fabrics and there's a science behind what they do. I was shown a pair of Jeans which was turned inside out to expose how the materials had been treated so it hugs your body in the right places and prevents sagging.

They also look after nike which is perfect as it feeds my love and lust for trainers. Nike have released a crazy and vibrant range of Air max 1's and also Air forces hypefuse range. Now i'm not a fan of Nike 110's (also known as Air max 95's) but they released loads of new colour ways. I like the idea of them bringing back the old school trainers despite me not being a fan.

Have a look at a few pictures I took. More posts to come as there's several more Press days this week.

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